Posted on: March 25, 2008 5:44 pm

NCAA's Round 1 Complete - A couple of thoughts.

Well - My bracket is officially gone out the window as of the first weekend results. 

Pitt - a disappointing loss after surging at the end of the year, taking the Big East Tourney title. 
Duke - really struggling in the tourney and really beginning with the loss to Clemson in the ACC tourney. 
Western Kentucky - showing up big in their first two games. 
Davidson - this year's Butler??  Is that Curry a good player or what? 
UCLA - in the midst of a questionable call once again (A&M game).  They may be in trouble if they keep playing from behind the whole game.  Wisconsin - exceeding my expectations, though not a lot of other's according to postings on the message boards.

All in all a great tourney so far.  NC looked very good last game, Kansas seems to be holding strong.  I really would have loved to see a Kansas / NC final, but since we can't I can only dream about it.

Good luck to all the teams.  I'll be glued to my computer screen come Thursday afternoon! 
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